Me and Art

Artist CV - Available upon request


  Creatively inspired by my environment and the forms that make up my world , I aim to reflect on the myriad of human experiences that compose life. Through human observation,  giving form to the the ephemeral uniqueness of a moment perceived by sight and understood through the heart.

The character of this three dimensional medium with its unique attributes such as being ”visible”  in the dark confers a very unique experience to the finished piece. A finished sculpture in an invitation to the sense of touch.

 My creative approach is varied from the detailed figurative to the minimalist expression intuitively inspired by the moment for the best art direction that each individual piece dictates.

 Art is what I create, creating art that touches souls is my ”Why”?. I know art has the ability to touch another in profound ways, most often beyond words. To have an art piece in the world and be invited to share my ”why” with another human beings brings me just that..a joy beyond words.


I pursued my University undergraduate studies in Image Arts at Ryerson University in Toronto Ontario.  Studies in Media Arts included photography, film, television and design. My degree has led me to a long standing 25 year career in television, designing for advertising and news for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) in Montréal, Québec, Canada.

If designing has become part of my daily work, I find pure bliss in my spare time creating art pieces that fully express my personality. In the last 4 years, I have taken on a family passion for sculpture, an art form that was very present in our home and as far back as I can remember. Working with clay and natural matter has brought a very grounding effect to my life, enabling me to explore my own personal voice.

Having studied sculpture with longstanding sculptors Joel Prévost and Jean-Pierre Busque, I now fly with my own wings and further my professional development by studying, exploring and letting go to the flow of inspiration. Applying molding techniques to finished pieces has enabled me to explore various materials and finishes.