“There’s a crack in everything, it’s how the light gets out.”

Light as the central theme is explored as a material that becomes autonomous, shaping and giving form to the outer. The revealing of the materials it touches, striking and exposing the inner dimension where both vulnerability and strength exist.






Éphémère 2 25x13x10cm – Cold cast bronze rust patina finish

Qui sait? 35x22x25cm – Resin, metallic paint, copper patina finish

Bubble Girl  45x22x30cm – Resin, metallic paint, bronze patina finish

Duetto  (Each) 21x10x7cm – Cold cast bronze, bronze patina finish and Glass

Geode 35x11x10cm – Cold cast bronze, Geode stone

Nobody, no one, no where in no time  33x30x30cm – Cold cast bronze – Glass

Éphémère –  Base 24x10cm (Each 19x7x7cm – Cold cast pewter and Tufstone)

Coherence – 25x15x15cm – Resin, metallic paint, glass base

Raison Née – 33x25x11cm – Cold cast bronze

Wave – 30x10x20cm – Cold cast bronze

Nebula – 7x5x10cm – Resin and wood (Electrically lit wood stand 33x33cm – 100cm High)