There’s a crack in everything, it’s how the light gets out.


Éphémère 2 25x13x10cm – Cold cast bronze rust patina finish

Qui sait? 35x22x25cm – Resin, metallic paint, copper patina finish

Bubble Girl  45x22x30cm – Resin, metallic paint, bronze patina finish

Duetto  (Each) 21x10x7cm – Cold cast bronze, bronze patina finish and Glass

Geode 35x11x10cm – Cold cast bronze, Geode stone

Nobody, no one, no where in no time  33x30x30cm – Cold cast bronze – Glass

Éphémère –  Base 24x10cm (Each 19x7x7cm – Cold cast pewter and Tufstone)

Coherence – 25x15x15cm – Resin, metallic paint, glass base

Raison Née – 33x25x11cm – Cold cast bronze

Wave – 30x10x20cm – Cold cast bronze